Rules for Vintage Sniper Rifle

The matches are built around the Black Powder Cartridge Rifle rules. The matches are modified to accommodate CMP Vintage Sniper Rifles. However, it is not a CMP Vintage Sniper Rifle match. The intent is for the RSO to look down the line and see uniformity in terms of clothing and rifle support. Sniper Rifles will be shot from sticks, slings or range-provided sandbags. Jackets can be worn if blackpowder shooters are allowed to wear them in that match, such as in the 1000 Yard Creedmoor Match. The different classes of rifles are not competing against each other, but the manner in which they shoot will be the same.

1. Rifles must comply with CMP Vintage Sniper Rifle Rules 6.2.1

2. Rifles will be shot from cross-sticks according to NRA BPCR Silhouette Rules 5.2.1.

3. Clothing must comply with NRA Silhouette Rule 3.12.